Cabinet Solar Dryer


In an effort to resolve the problem of wastage & preservation of agri-horticultural produces, SEED designed and developed the much awarded Solar Cabinet Air Dryer (patent no. 211911). The credit to this innovative technology goes to Prof M. Ramakrishna Rao, Founder Secretary, SEED & formerly Prof of instrumentation, IISc., Bangalore. Under his guidance SEED R&D team developed different models of Cabinet Solar Air Dryers with different drying capacities like SMD 8, SDM 25, SDM 50, SDM 100 and SDM 200. SDM 500 for higher drying capacity is in R&D.

cabinet3 DSCN4894

Solar Dryers have many advantages over open traditional drying.

  • Safe & hygienic
  • Free from insect and bird contamination
  • Clean & dust free products
  • More uniform quality products
  • Uniform in colour, texture, appearance of the product
  • Evenness in drying Moisture control to optimum levels
  • Nutrient retention especially beta carotene
  • Yields high quality, Export products
  • Products qualify for quality & sensory tests
  • Long shelf life to the products
  • Processed to International Standards


  • Zero energy cost.
  • Cabinet temp : 40 – 65C.
  • Temp. diff. T : 15 – 30 C
  • Temperature indicator
  • Moisture & Humidity control.
  • Stainless Steel Trays
  • Standby Electrical back up
  • U.V. Reduction blue filter glass.
  • Rain & Dust proof Dryer.
  • Dust, insect & rodent proof