One of the key services of SEED is technology transfer. SEED has successfully transferred these techniques through workshops, demonstrations and training programmes. SEED has been helping the unemployed women and youth through training-cum-production centres (three) to establish micro enterprises.

Our efforts of Solar Dryer and Food processing technologies resulted in organising 40 workshops in Andhra Pradesh, 20 training programmes for women and youth covering 1,000 trainers and entrepreneurs and installation of 160 solar dryers of demonstration and commercial models in 12 states in India.

The supplying of solar dryers is always backed up by training in demonstration of techniques of processing of vegetables and fruits for short term and long term programmes in the villages, where the commercial dryers are installed. The training covers, hygiene and cleanliness, pretreatments of raw materials, chemical preservation method, processing, testing and packing for processed products. In house training is also conducted for the wider and special variety of products processing for NGO’s working in Rural areas and for Rural youth and women.

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S.No Training Programmes Year
01 Awareness cum training programme on Solar Energy application 2013
02 Training Programme on Honey Bee keeping and Honey Harvesting 2013
03 Opportunities and Entrepreneur Development Programme in Solar Food Processing Technology 2013
04 Value Addition of Fruits and Vegetable Products and Nutritional Enhancement by Solar Dehydration Technology 2013
05 Women Micro Entrepreneurship development by processing and value addition of mango jelly through Solar Food Processing technology 2013
06 Processing and Preservation Technology of Fruits and Vegetables grown in tropical regions and Solar drying technology of Fish using different pretreatments 2013
07 Solar Food Processing of Fruits & Vegetables for value addition 2013
08 Solar Food Processing of Vegetables for Value Addition (Carrot, Beans, Ginger and Malted Ragi) 2013
09 Solar Food Processing Technology for women empowerment and employment 2013
10 Training programme on Dehydration of Banana by utilizing Solar Food Processing Technology 2013
11 A value chain on Mango and Guava for Domestic and Export Markets 2012
12 Girijanula kalapethara atavi Uthapathula Viluva Perugudalaku solar dehydration technology 2012
13 Entrepreneurship Development and opportunities in Food Processing 2011
14 Training programme for Fig Fruit Farmers 2011
15 Training programme on Solar Dried Himalayan Fruit Bars Apple, Strawberry, Plum & Apricot 2011
16 Souryasakthi viniyoga Vizana Sapathaham – Rural Food Processing Technology 2011
17 Training programme on processing on Processing of Mango & Guava 2010
18 Training programme on Fortified Solar Dried Mango Bar 2008
19 Solar Food Festival 2006
20 Training Programme on Solar Food Processing Technology 2005
21 Training Programme on Solar Food Processing Technology 2005
22 South Asian Regional Initiative/Energy Round III Project 2005
23 Training Programme on Solar Food Processing Technology 2005
24 Gramina Solar Food Processing Technology 2005
25 Training Programme on Solar Food Processing 2004
26 Orientation programme for food professional 2003
27 Training programme on Solar Food Processing Technology 2002
28 Training programme on Solar Food Processing Technology 2001
29 Energy conservation thru solar drying for MCC 1999
30 Workshop on Solar Energy 1999
31 National Training programme on Installation Operation & Maintenance of Solar Photovoltaic Systems in Rural areas 1995