Solar Food Processing

Food Processing Technology is one of the priority sectors in our country. We integrated introduced this technology with Solar Dryer technology and introduced at micro level in the villages to help the society. This approach finds a solution for preservation with long shelf life and for rural employment. It is noteworthy that technology will process the food products with zero energy cost.
SEED has so far successfully developed about 70 products using fruits, vegetables, Non-Timber forest produces, spices, herbs using solar dryers on a commercial scale. Data will be available at SEED data base.

Food products Processed in Solar Dryers are superior compared to conventionally dried products. In the sense of better hygiene, with no contamination, higher nutritive values with longer shelf life and pleasing appearance.

Some of the food products developed using our cabinet solar dryers are:

DSCN3851 training2 DSCN4895

FRUITS BARS: Mango,Pineapple,Papaya,Guava, Grapes and Chikku (Sapota).
VEGETABLES: Potatoes,Donda,Carrot,Tomato,Mushrooms, Bittergourd,Onion,Amchur powder and coconut.
LEAFY VEGETABLES: Spinach,Fenugreek,Tamarind, Gogu, Mint,Drumstick,Coriander and Curry leaves.
SPICES: Ginger,MangoGinger,Garlic,RedChillies, Green chillies and Pepper.
FOREST PRODUCE: KarayaGum,Karakkaya,Sugandapala (Budipalagadda),Alovera,Amla and Honey.
MEDICINAL & HERBAL PRODUCTS: Rosemery,Spirulina Powder and Tulasi leaves.
FOOD ITEMS: Maida,Vermicelli,Noodles,PickledChillies and Fish.
CHEMICAL POWDER: Silicon Carbide and Cellulose.