SEED thrives on R & D creating high quality products with solar food processing technology evolved in its Labs. Our Lab are well equipped, with highly qualified staff conducting extensive research in developing innovative food products including nutaceauticals. It has all facilities for analysing and testing for physico-chemical properties, shelf life studies, microbiological parameters, sensory parameters and nutritional values.

Facilities Available


SEED has a complete facility to process various fruit and vegetable products on a commercial scale. The facility has solar cabinet dryers (SDM 50, SDM-100, SDM-200), boiling kettle with motorized stirrer, steam jacketed kettle, pulverizer, auto packing machine, vacuum packaging machine, grain sprout makers, baby fruit pulper and food processor etc. In addition to the above, SEED has an on-farm processing facility with 200 kg processing capacity.

Food Analysis:




Moisture meter, spectrophotometer, deep freezer / Cold Storage unit, hot air oven, water bath, desiccators, muffle furnace, Vernier calipers, screw gauge and fume exhaust hood etc.

Microbiological Equipment:

DSCN4796 - Copy DSCN4794 DSCN4397

Binocular microscope & camera, laminar flow chamber, autoclave, bacteriological incubator and climatic chambers etc.

Library Facilities:

SEED has reasonably well stocked library facility with about 375 scientific and technical books, Journals and periodicals.